Welcome to the official documentation of the Ceylan-Mobile API

Copyright © 2024 Olivier Boudeville

Version: 1.0.12

Authors: Olivier Boudeville (olivier (dot) boudeville (at) esperide (dot) com).



Ceylan-Mobile is a library allowing to control mobile phones and 3G keys from Erlang.

This website presents the documentation of the API (Application Programming Interface) of Mobile version 1.0.12 (as of Sunday, January 14, 2024).

Note that, currently, code based on Seaplus is not correctly taken into account by edoc, which cannot detect any code added by a parse transform (typically, here, the code generated by Seaplus, based on the Mobile-specified function specs) or even the functions that are overridden explicitly by Mobile (as edoc is not aware that actually that they will be exported). However the full Mobile codebase is intensely documented, refer to this repository for full information.

Ceylan-Mobile relies on the Seaplus bridge (to control the C code of Gammu from Erlang) and on the Myriad layer (as a generic Erlang toolbox).

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